New to the gym. Where should I start?

New to the gym. Where should I start? If you just got to the gym and don't know what to do...Everything is unfamiliar, it seems that there is no goal or idea for what this life or the next ten years will bring, so you just start playing sports. But life experience shows that not everyone is ready to give up... Some stick around the sport for good, others quit training, and still others throw it in the shade. Who is better off training? People who want to maintain their health, or people who want to increase their assets? People who train in the gym earn more money, but people who work out at home or in the yard, do not they not save their money well spent, and often, the price is more difficult to swallow. A long-time reader of my blog asked: "Where should I start?", and I answer: "In a gym!". Now I will fight this impulse...Would you like to know more? To my pages ABOUT FITNESS AND SPORTSFITNESS AS A LIFESTYLEAs well as "EXCLUSIVE" mine ANGRY BLOGGERto always be the first up to the latest events!Write in the comments what else you would like to know, and if you liked the article, put 👍 - it's not hard for You, but it's nice for me!